6. My first podcast appearance...

This week is about goal setting.

One of my goals for 2020 was to be a guest on a leading music industry podcast.

Goal achieved ✅

A couple of weeks ago, I recorded my first appearance on an industry-leading podcast ‘BOOST’, by Grahame Farmer. You can listen to the podcast below.

In the podcast we talk about:

  • How I'm becoming a better person after lockdown

  • My story - Alton Towers to Ibiza

  • Interviewing Pete Tong in person

  • My dream job at Ibiza Spotlight

  • Island partying + work balance

  • How I started working for FUSE + IMS Ibiza

  • Moving to London and the shock of normality

  • Peaking too early in my career

  • My new business @sociallysounddj

  • Leveraging Twitter and using it properly

  • What DJs and artists should be doing on social at the moment and how they should be doing it

Strap yourself in for this - we go deep!

But that’s not all. I’m excited to announce I am also achieving two more goals this week:

  • Launch a social media course ✅

  • Speak at a music conference ✅

This Saturday, I speak on the Mixmasters Live - Virtual Online Event alongside the likes of Marshall Jefferson, Saytek, Huxley and Rebecca Smart-Bakken and Brandon Jackson.

I will be speaking about how to build a successful content strategy and launching my first ever course that will be available exclusively on Mixmasters in November.

You can book your seat via the link in the button below. I’ll be speaking from 6 pm - 7 pm on Saturday 31st October.

Book Your Seat

See you next Tuesday, at 9:02 AM.

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5. My first $1 on the internet

Life changing moment.

Following on from last weeks ‘Prioritise Direction Over Speed’ newsletter, I start this weeks newsletter with another Jack Butcher tweet.

“Make one $1 on the internet and it will change your life.”

This week I made my first $ on the internet.

A tiny goal complete. ✅

Socially Sound at the moment is operating as my previous business did. I’m selling my services for my time. I invoice my clients at the end of the month and they pay me for my time as a social media manager/strategist.

What makes this $1 on the internet so special, is because it is my first sale where I am charging for my mind.

This is my own product. I am the product.

Instead of starting again with every new client, I am now able to build something once, with the intention of selling it twice. Every minute of the day.

I’m ready to change my life. One dollar at a time.

See you next Tuesday, at 9.02 am.

Catch up on the previous Socially Sound newsletters:

  1. Give positive feedback

  2. The best advice I’ve ever been given

  3. #WeMakeEvents

  4. Prioritise direction over speed

And then follow me on Twitter at @andrewleese89

4. Prioritise direction over speed

It’s amazing how four words can deliver so much value.

Two months ago, I thought I was ready to launch Socially Sound.

It turns out that I wasn’t even close.

Socially Sound is my new business. It’s a forward-thinking and flexible consultancy company for clients and members to network, learn and grow.

The client-side of Socially Sound is up and running. The membership side is developing every day and will be ready for launch at the end of the month. At the core of the business is a free weekly newsletter, that will lead to an audio podcast and written case-studies alongside a paid membership with access to workshops and courses.

Had I launched two months ago, Socially Sound would be a series of free blog posts that would have probably reached nobody. It could have failed before it even started.

There is a saying that ‘if you launch when you’re ready, you launched too late’.

I’m almost ready to launch step one and that’s a good place to be.

I’m no longer taking shortcuts.

I’m longer chasing ideas.

I’m longer getting inspired by everything.

I’m prioritising direction over speed.

Thanks, Jack.

See you next Tuesday at 9:02 am.

Catch up on the previous Socially Sound newsletters:

  1. Give positive feedback

  2. The best advice I’ve ever been given

  3. #WeMakeEvents

And then follow me on Twitter at @andrewleese89

3. #WeMakeEvents

It's a little late this week but only by 12 minutes.

This week I realised that I have not stepped on a dance floor at a night club or at a festival since Saturday 7th December 2019.

That’s 10 months since my last rave and you know what, even without Covid-19, I don’t think it would be that different. After working in events for seven years, I think I was due a break from nightlife.

But this is where it all feels so different. The way that Covid-19 has put a complete stop to the U.K’s nightlife is heartbreaking. As someone who is now on the fringes of the music industry, I can only imagine what it’s like to have a booking schedule on hold or to own an empty nightclub that has not seen a single customer since March.

Over the last 10 years, I have met some incredible people through the nightlife industry. It has given me a career where I have achieved so much. When many said that the industry needed to slow down before it exploded, I don’t think anyone expected this.

I miss that feeling you get when you walk into a venue and hear the soundsystem. I miss that feeling of leaving all your troubles at the door and escaping for a few hours.

Festivals in 2021 is an unrealistic dream for now but it’s at least it’s something to look to…

2. The best advice I've ever been given

It hurt at the time...

Last summer, a life coach started our conversation with this.

“I’ve Googled your name. Nothing came up.”

Before we had even jumped on our first call, this was her first impression of me.

It hurt at the time but now 12 months on, it’s the best advice I’ve ever been given.

Let’s pretend the life coach is a potential client. Imagine their first line was, “I’ve Googled you. Nothing came up.”

Is there any way back from that?

For six years, I worked as a freelancer. All my work was hidden behind the brands I worked for.

I didn’t have a personal/business website.

I wasn’t active on LinkedIn.

I didn’t even have a business name never mind a business email address.

It sounds awful, right?

That’s because it is.

Hear me out.

Everything I have ever worked on has come through face-to-face networking in London or Ibiza, a referral through a friend or through my personal Facebook.

I was so caught up in my own bubble that didn’t think I needed any of these things.

The life coaches response to this was “how are you going to scale your business without your own email list? Your own website? A list of case studies for new clients to find?”

Within five minutes of our first call, she had levelled me like never before. I was facing the harsh truth that I wasn’t even doing the basics well, never mind enough to scale my business.

A year on, her questions are in my head every day. I am even applying her questions and mindset to every new potential client I meet. I’m asking them the same painful questions.

The funny thing is, the life coach I spoke to worked with my girlfriend. If that hadn’t been the case, would I have ever received this advice?

Probably not, because my name didn’t even come up on Google.

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