9. There is always a reason why you can't

Find a reason you can and start

Most of my newsletters begin with a tweet that inspired me.

So here is another one.

Does that sound familiar? Does it sound like you? It sounds like me.

Excuses followed by excuses, finding reasons not to do things. Invisible barriers holding me back. The reason I have made more progress in the last five months than I have in five years is that I keep finding a moment to start something.

I started tweeting my thoughts on the 13th of July. 

I started a business on the 8th of August.

I started a newsletter on the 22nd of September. 

I started a membership platform on the 1st of November. 

Last night on the 16 of November, I posted my first YouTube video.

This is another green tick added to my list. ✅

It’s not the perfect YouTube video. But you have to start somewhere right?

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If I am going to start the newsletter with a tweet that inspired me, I may as well end the newsletter with a tweet that inspired me.

This is from James Clear’s ‘Atomic Habits’ book that I mentioned last week. This hits.

“Intensity makes a good story. Consistency makes progress.”

See you next week. You know the time. You know the name.

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This newsletter is dedicated to Ben Kouijzer and his family. Miss you, mate. 💔

Read Ben's story here.

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