5. My first $1 on the internet

Life changing moment.

Following on from last weeks ‘Prioritise Direction Over Speed’ newsletter, I start this weeks newsletter with another Jack Butcher tweet.

“Make one $1 on the internet and it will change your life.”

This week I made my first $ on the internet.

A tiny goal complete. ✅

Socially Sound at the moment is operating as my previous business did. I’m selling my services for my time. I invoice my clients at the end of the month and they pay me for my time as a social media manager/strategist.

What makes this $1 on the internet so special, is because it is my first sale where I am charging for my mind.

This is my own product. I am the product.

Instead of starting again with every new client, I am now able to build something once, with the intention of selling it twice. Every minute of the day.

I’m ready to change my life. One dollar at a time.

See you next Tuesday, at 9.02 am.

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