11. This is why I've started a playlist

Did you miss me last week?

I have to be honest. Last week’s newsletter didn’t get sent because I was too busy sleeping.

This weeks newsletter is inspired by my very own Underground Source Weekly Beats playlist. As you all know with me, everything I do is part of a strategy.

This week I wanted to let you all in on my playlist strategy. It is all a part of my plan to build relationships with artists who can become future webinar/podcast guests, Socially Sound members or even clients.

My Playlist Strategy

The audience I am looking to target with my social media and Socially Sound is DJs, artists, bands and label owners.

What do all of these audiences have in common?


By creating a playlist of my favourite tracks and tagging the artists on my Instagram story, I am putting my name and Instagram profile into their DMs and therefore getting their attention.

I already like their music. By tagging the artist, I am hoping they will reshare, repost or reply. By starting a conversation, I am reaching out more creatively than a cold email.

By tagging them in a playlist, I am allowing them to come and visit my Instagram profile where they will see my content. As my business Socially Sound is tagged in my bio, it could also lead to one of the artists checking out this profile too without me even telling them about it.

It’s simple lead generation tactics without spending a penny. 

The Results

So far in four weeks, I have been reposted into the stories of Archie Hamilton, Seb Zito, Kevin Knapp, Matt Tolfrey, Fabe, Casey Spillman, Tommy Farrow and Richie Blacker.

As well as being tagged in their Stories, I have also been able to start conversations with the artists’ thanks to a really cool social media asset designed by Michael Tomlinson of Zone Focus.

Once I am engaged in conversation with them, this could lead to building a relationship that could lead to me earing revenue in the future.

Getting My Audience Attention

The best part about this strategy so far is I am also getting the attention of my followers. These two screenshots below show that not only am I getting my followers attention, but I am also keeping their attention.

The consistent numbers show my followers are not clicking off my stories. They are flicking through in anticipation of what track is going to be next.

It is a show of trust that the next track is going to be as good as the last.

By proving this works on my own stories, I can create a case study with my learnings and show this to my Socially Sound members and clients.

There is value in sharing music to your stories.

There is value in supporting other artists.

There is also value in my showing my music taste. In the music industry, it builds trust. A community of artists who believe I know my stuff, both in sharing music and building an engaged audience.

Follow the playlist here.

See you next week, kids! 9:02 AM.

Andrew at Socially Sound

Coming to Socially Sound in 2021 - my first ever social media strategy course.

‘How To Get Your Audiences Attention’

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