10. How I use Instagram Content as inspiration

This week it's something totally different but hopefully just as valuable

This week my newsletter focuses on a simple social media hack to make you more productive and Socially Sound.

The Instagram Saves option is there to help you save your favourite content. With so much content available, it is impossible to remember all of it. That’s why I use the save option to try and ensure all my favourite content is available in one place.

This weeks newsletter inspiration comes from my internet friend, Jason Bradwell.

Jason tweeted:

I replied to Jason’s tweet with these two responses:

Now you might be thinking what is so special about the idea of saving content?

In the saves section of my Instagram, I have created a Pinterest style backend. I save everything in folders.

In the backend of my personal Instagram, I have 14 folders.

At the moment, I am managing 11 Instagram accounts. One personal, two business and eight clients. Each one of these accounts has a personal approach like this with folders that fit every single account I manage.

Every single folder has a purpose. Whenever I need an idea, I don’t need to go searching through 11 different accounts to try and find one idea. I can go straight to my Instagram saves and flick through until I find some inspiration. I can then send this to my client and go ‘what about something like this?’

This kind of system evolved from my obsession with Tumblr blogs when I was in my early 20s. I created grid after grid of inspiring content I found on the internet and used this to inspire me in so many different ways.

Next time you’re scrolling through Instagram, think about this. Why am I here? What is my purpose for using this app?

If you’re decorating your house, maybe a home kitchen or bedroom folder can help you design it within just a few hours.

If you’re thinking of going travelling, maybe a travel bucket list Instagram folder will help you work out where you want to go first.

There are so many ways to utilise Instagram and this is one of my favourite ways to ensure when I am on the app, I am not mindlessly scrolling without a purpose.

I hope you find this useful. I hope this helps you become Socially Sound.

In some more personal news. I did another podcast and it is the most beautifully produced piece of content I have ever been involved in.

Listen or watch my chat with Jeff Sarris here on his Starting Now Podcast below.

Those camera angles 😍

See you next week. 9:02. Every Tuesday morning.

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